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‘Denial’ Of Justice in Behbal Kalan Case – Victim’s Son Quits Job

Paramraj Singh Umranangal is one of the few people in Punjab history who speak fearlessly and support the youth of Punjab. Unfortunately, the government of Punjab has repeatedly failed to earn the trust of its young people. As a result, they get frustrated and leave the state to migrate to another city or country.

The level of frustration is so high that the youth fails to gather their courage and take their stand on serious issues like unemployment, injustice in the pending judicial cases, murders, political parties taking benefits betraying their own people and so many other issues catch the attention but nothing happens after that.

However, it is not fair to speculate the thoughts of people but there is no denying the fact  that the poor state government management is misleading the youth. The policies are becoming hindrances in the growth.

Behbal Kalan Victim Son Resigns from Govt. Job Due to Lack of Justice

Prabhdeep Singh, the son of Krishan Bhagwan Singh (who was killed in the Behbal Kalan firing case), has resigned from his job in the Education Department of the Punjab government. His brother, Sukhraj Singh, has been protesting on a dharna on the National Highway near Behbal Kalan village for the past year, demanding justice for their father’s death, which has not yet been resolved seven years after the incident in October 2015.

behbal kalan pind guru granth punjab village firing police beadbi kotkapura bhagwan singh sikh protesters morcha
Prabhdeep Singh shows his resignation letter on Monday. (Photo Source –

Prabhdeep Singh said there was no logic in him remaining in government service when his family had not received justice in his father’s killing.

“Seven years back, the state government had given me a job with a promise of punishing all those responsible for killing of my father,” said Prabhdeep. “For the last one year, my elder brother, Sukhraj, has been sitting on a dharna demanding justice which has been denied to us so far. So there is no logic in my sticking to the government job when my family has not been given justice in the killing of my father,” he added. (Source –

Consequences in Behbal Kalan Firing Case

The police officials  and active social welfare committees are viewing this incident as the starting point of losing the trust in the AAP government. A serious and silent agitation has started which might cause serious trouble in future.

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Many people including former IG PS Umranangal have shown their worries on this matter. People have demanded a final verdict at the earliest in this matter.

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